Office of the State's Attorney

Worcester County, Maryland


During the week of May 12, 2019, Kevone Bunting and Adrian Matthews of Delaware, aged 19 and 21, respectively, were each convicted of 2 counts of robbery in the Worcester County Circuit Court. The Honorable Brian D. Shockley sentenced Bunting to serve 10 years in the Division of Correction with 5 years suspended on each count of robbery. Matthews was ordered to serve 12 years in the Division of Correction with 6 years suspended on each count of robbery. The sentences are consecutive, meaning Bunting received an active sentence of 10 years, and Matthews received an active sentence of 12 years.

Charges stem from two robberies that occurred in Ocean City, Maryland on October 21, 2018. Police were able to determine that four individuals, two males and two females, were involved in the robberies. The two male suspects were eventually identified as Bunting and Matthews. The first robbery occurred in a hotel restroom near 37th street shortly before 8 pm: Matthews held a gun to the victim’s neck while Bunting stole his cell phone, credit card and cash. A short time later, the two robbed a clerk at a convenience store, with Matthews once again pointing a gun at the victim while Bunting took money out of the register. Based upon surveillance video from several locations in Ocean City police were able to obtain a description of the suspects and the vehicle used during the robberies. Ocean City Police located the suspect vehicle, as well as all four suspects, the same evening. A search of the vehicle revealed the stolen property and clothing worn by Bunting and Matthews during the robberies. Police were also able to locate a black "semi-automatic style" BB gun used by the suspects which had been discarded near the beach at 60th Street.

Worcester County State’s Attorney Kris Heiser applauded the efforts of the Ocean City Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division, and Det. Perry who was the lead investigator. She also thanked Assistant State’s Attorney Jared Monteiro who prosecuted the case.