Office of the State's Attorney

Worcester County, Maryland

Meet State's Attorney Kris Heiser

Kris grew up in Howard County, Maryland, in a family where law and order was valued and law enforcement was respected. She graduated from River Hill High School and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts and a Juris Doctor, both from the University of Maryland. Soon after, Kris took a job as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Worcester County. She immediately knew that she had a passion for seeking justice, and since that time, she has tried virtually every type of case and appeared in court in every county on the lower eastern shore.

On January 7, 2019, Kris made history when she became the first female to take the oath of office as State’s Attorney for Worcester County, Maryland. As the chief law enforcement officer for Worcester County, she oversees an office of prosecutors, investigators and support staff, who are tasked with preparing and prosecuting every criminal case charged in Worcester County. Kris is especially proud to be able to continue her family’s tradition of service in law enforcement, as her father, husband, uncle and cousin are all police officers.