Office of the State's Attorney

Worcester County, Maryland

Services Division


The Office of the State's Attorney is committed to supporting the victims and witnesses of crime for the entirety of their involvement in the criminal justice system and prosecution of the case. State's Attorney Heiser established the CARES Team to ensure every victim receives proactive and continued communication from the office in advance of any criminal proceedings. Our CARES team members provide guidance to victims and witnesses throughout the criminal justice process to ensure that they are aware of their rights and the resources available to them. Services include safety planning, court accompaniment, behavioral health assessments, and referrals for additional services provided by community partners.

The Office of the State's Attorney has a zero- tolerance Policy for attempts to influence or intimidate victims, witnesses, or officers of the court. If you have been threatened, intimidated, or influenced regarding a case, you should immediately contact the law enforcement agency that investigated the case and the Assistant State’s Attorney handling your case. 

Circuit Court Contact Information

Chris Sharp, Circuit Court Supervisor CARES Team Leader
Phone:  410-632-2166 ext. 1764

Emilie Tacka
Phone:  410-632-2166 ext. 1796

Deborah Wendland
Phone:  410-632-2166 ext. 1798

District Court Contact Information

Leslie P. Mulligan, District Court CARES Team Leader
Phone:  410-632-2166 ext. 1768

Tara Barrett
Phone:  410-632-2166 ext. 1786

Sara Howell
Phone:  410-632-2166 ext. 1788

Torrie Lubinski
Phone:  410-632-2166 ext. 1799