Office of the State's Attorney

Worcester County, Maryland

Crime Prevention Initiatives

Law Enforcement Assisted Prevention (LEAP)

The LEAP program assists in addressing the behavioral health needs of the citizens of Worcester County, particularly those needs which frequently lead to criminality or victimization resulting in involvement in the criminal justice system.    

When a first responder comes into contact with someone who has an ongoing behavioral health issue unlikely to be resolved by a one-time interaction with a first responder, a referral is made to the LEAP Coordinator at the Office of the State's Attorney. The coordinator then assesses the individual’s behavioral health needs, refer for services, and in some cases provide services directly. Any behavioral health need will be addressed, including but not limited to homelessness, mental health issues, chronic medical issues, vulnerable adult-related concerns, child welfare concerns, substance abuse issues and domestic violence.  Individuals experiencing these problems will receive the help and support they need to avoid becoming a future victim or re-engaging in criminal behavior caused by their unmet need.

Vulnerable Adult

Adult Protective Services (APS) serves persons aged 18 or over who lack the physical or mental capacity to provide for their daily needs.  APS assists in the prevention of abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or exploitation of adults who are unable to protect their own interest and are at risk of immediate harm to their own person or to others.  This program provides professional services to protect the health, safety, and welfare of endangered, vulnerable adults.

If you suspect abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult, please contact our local Department of Social Services at (410) 677-6800 or (410) 641-0097.  For more information, you can visit The Department of Human Services website here