Office of the State's Attorney

Worcester County, Maryland


The Office of the State’s Attorney and law enforcement agencies in Worcester County have joined with the Department of Social Services and the Worcester County Health Department to create a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the swift and thorough investigation of criminal complaints involving vulnerable adult victims. Working collaboratively on the range of legal, medical and mental health issues that commonly present during these investigations will allow for better assessments of the needs of aging community members. Task force members will meet monthly to determine the best strategies for simultaneously achieving justice, preventing revictimization, and providing for the needs of each victim.

"As a task force, we are committed to providing practical solutions for our vulnerable adults," remarked State’s Attorney Heiser. "Aside from conducting a criminal investigation, police officers have been limited in the type of assistance they can offer to senior citizens who are in obvious need of additional help. For these cases, our partnering agencies will collaborate with law enforcement to offer resources, meet these needs and provide ongoing services for seniors."

Heiser continued, "We are doing everything in our power to prevent the physical, financial and emotional victimization of our community’s vulnerable adults and to hold those who take advantage of them accountable. With the creation of this Task Force, we are placing a special emphasis on these cases to drive home the message that our team will go the extra mile to protect our seniors and prosecute offenders."

Heiser thanked all agencies who have partnered with the Office of the State’s Attorney to create and implement the Vulnerable Adult Task Force. To raise awareness about issues affecting seniors, the State’s Attorney will host a table at the upcoming Senior Living Expo at the Ocean Pines Community Center on November 9, 2019 from 9 am to noon. Educational materials regarding fraud prevention, access to resources and services for seniors will be provided and State’s Attorney Heiser will be available to answer questions. To report any type of suspected elder abuse, please contact your local law enforcement agency or Adult Protective Services.

For additional information or for an interview, please contact Donna Hughes at the Office of the State’s Attorney at 410.632.2166 or