Office of the State's Attorney

Worcester County, Maryland


The Office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County has been awarded grant funding in the amount of $136,600 by the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention. The grant will fund the purchase of a comprehensive case management software system capable of interfacing with the Maryland courts and law enforcement agencies throughout Worcester County. This upgrade in technology will boost productivity for staff and will give prosecutors more tools to address the underlying causes of crime through multi-disciplinary collaborations. It will also allow for statistical tracking to ensure resources are being allocated properly, to evaluate the success of diversionary programs and to strategize with law enforcement on a comprehensive approach to fighting crime in Worcester County.

Kris Heiser, State’s Attorney for Worcester County stated, "My goal in requesting this grant funding was to make sure that our prosecutors and staff have the very best technological resources. We want to be ahead of the curve as technology advances so that we can serve our citizens as efficiently as possible. I’d like to thank the Worcester County Commissioners for their unanimous support of my efforts on this project over the past year. I commit to the taxpayers of Worcester County that I will continue to explore alternative funding sources to make sure my office provides the best service at the least cost.

Heiser continued, "I also want to thank the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention for recognizing Worcester County’s needs in this area and for giving us the resources we need to meet them. Working together with law enforcement and our multi-disciplinary partners, we will use our new technological capabilities to increase our effectiveness both inside and out of the courtroom."

For additional information or for an interview, please contact Donna Hughes at the Office of the State’s Attorney at 410.632.2166 or via email at