Office of the State's Attorney

Worcester County, Maryland

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a speaker from the State’s Attorney’s Office?

Send your request to: William H. McDermott, Ad Interim State’s Attorney Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office 106 Franklin Street Snow Hill, MD 21863

What information do I need when calling the office in reference to my case?

The most important information when calling is the case number and the defendant’s name. If it is a Circuit court case, the Assistant State’s attorney name assigned to the case can also be helpful in directing your call.

How can I drop charges?

You cannot drop charges. Only the State’s Attorney or an Assistant State’s Attorney will determine what action is taken in a criminal case. The crime has been committed against the State of Maryland and you are the victim and or witness in the case.

What type of cases do you prosecute?

The State’s Attorney’s Office prosecutes all criminal and traffic offenses that occur in Worcester County. These offenses include all offenses from a traffic offense to capital murder.

How do I file charges against someone who has committed a crime against me?

You should call your local police department to make a report. You may also go to a District Court Commissioner and fill out an application for statement of charges against the person you say committed the crime against you. The Commissioner will determine if there is probable cause for a summons or warrant. See link for Worcester county Commissioner locations and times of operation. See also:

Do I have to appear in court?

Once you receive a witness summons or subpoena notifying you to appear in court as a witness for the State, the law requires you to appear on that date and time, unless you have been excused by a representative of the State’s Attorney’s Office.

How long will I be in court?

Unfortunately there is no way to determine in advance how long you will be in court. You should be prepared to stay as long as needed.

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